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Blocks in Housing Applications

Our member’s products are widely used by developers for all types of dwellings from executive homes, through high density apartments, and social housing to self builds. They are also used extensively in renovation, extensions and alteration works. The products are demonstrably suitable for meeting the latest building regulations. Aggregate blocks are the most widely used masonry product in housing construction.

CBA member’s blocks can be used;

  • As a ‘one block for all applications on-site product’. This is the Universal Housing Block (UHB) concept. Selecting the wrong block for a particular application is avoided if the same block is used for the inner and outer leaves of the external wall, for separating (party) walls and as infill blocks in beam and block flooring. UHB Datasheet,  Separating Walls Datasheet
  • In Robust Details separating wall options.
  • For use in sulphate soils. Use in sulphate soils data sheet
  • For external facing applications
  • For use below damp proof course